Imagine digital X-ray system with capabilities of DYNAMIC flat panel DR at the price level of CR system. That`s what IONA-based system is.


Dynamic digital X-ray PSA detectors for CBCT, Tomosynthesis, Fluoroscopy and Radiography.

The choice of many clients retrofitting their existing analog X-ray systems into digital.

 High-precision low-error diagnosis

IONA detector with high DQE, 16 bits dynamic range, several additional modes with binning and frame rates suitable for x-ray video stream acquisition, generates outstanding quality images that help users to reveal the slightest details for a subject.


 Patient safety

Your patient will appreciate reduced dose exposure resulted by high sensitivity and sophisticated post-processing.



Detector is ready for X-ray shot within 5 seconds. Consecutive images available in less than 4 seconds allow practitioner to boost productivity along with higher patients satisfaction.


 Staff optimization

Save time and efforts on staff education by using IONA-based system. It is bundled with top-of-the-class software available in several languages already and is ready for localization into your language.

latest IONA2 photo
IONA detectors specification
Specification download link (.PDF) Iona2-RF-2430(HV) Iona2-RF-3643 Iona2-R-3643 Iona2-R-4343 Iona2-R-4360
Iona2-RF-2430(HV) IONA2-RF-3643 Iona2-R-3643 Iona2-R-4343 Iona2-R-4360
Conversion Screen Type DRZ CsI CsI/DRZ CsI/DRZ CsI/DRZ
Field of view, mm 240x300 360x430 360x430 430x430 430x600
X-ray energy range, KVP 40-270 40-150 40-150 40-150 40-150
Radiography mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
5.0 4.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
Fluoroscopy mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
3.1 @ 7.5 FPS
1.7 @ 30 FPS
2.3 @ 7.5 FPS
1.1 @ 30 FPS
1.0 @ 20 FPS 1.0 @ 20 FPS 1.0 @ 20 FPS
A/D Conversion 16 bit
Auto Exposure Detection YES
Output Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Certification CB CB CB CB CB
Dimensions, mm 449(v)x256(h)x95(d) 494(v)x420(h)x99(d) 420(v)x490(h)x115(d) 501(v)x547(h)x120(d) 672(v)x502(h)x120(d)
Weight, kg 10 8 9 12 15
RF-2430 photo
  • High resolution above 5 lp/mm
  • Dynamic imaging at frame rates above 30 fps
  • Build-in battery with outstanding capacity
  • No cooling required
  • No "dead" or non-responding pixels
  • Integrated AED: no sync with generator needed
  • Operability within wide range of operating environment conditions
  • The only unit serviceable in field
  • Up to 5 years warranty for spare parts
IONA2-RF-2430 specification
Receptor Type Photo-diode sensors array with optical coupling (PSA)
Sensors Number 120
Field Of View, mm 220x290
Conversion Screen Type CsI
X-ray energy range, KVP 40-150
A/D Conversion 16 bits
Auto Exposure Detection (AED) Integrated
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Radiography mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
Fluoroscopy mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
3.1 @ 7.5 FPS 1.7 @ 30 FPS
Certification CB
Dimensions, mm 256(v)x410(h)x77(d)
Housing Material Carbon fiber/plastic
Weight, kg 5
Power 18V DC, 50W, battery-powered with charger
 download link (.PDF)
IONA2-RF-2430(EM) photo
Iona2-RF-2430 (EM) specification
Receptor Type Photo-diode sensors array with optical coupling (PSA)
Sensors Number 120
Field Of View, mm 220x290
Conversion Screen Type CsI
X-ray energy range, KVP 20-50
A/D Conversion 16 bits
X-ray Exposure Auto Detection (AED) Integrated
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Radiography mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
Fluoroscopy mode
limiting resolution, lp/mm
6.2 @ 1.0 FPS 3.1 @ 7.5 FPS
Certification CB
Dimensions, mm 376(v)x261(h)x77(d)
Housing Material Carbon fiber / steel
Weight, kg 7
Power 18V DC, 50W
 download link (.PDF)
IONA2-RF-2430(EM) side photo
IONA2-RF-2430(EM) IO photo

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Tomosynthes is a state-of-the-art technology offering high quality sets of slices parallel to the table surface. This increases sensitivity and specificity over conventional 2D radiography, especially for high-contrast tissues.


Digital tomosynthes is a well established technique to enhance digital radiographic images.


Tomosynthes delivers a new level of diagnostic capabilities, and is simplifies X-ray image reading. The presentation of individual tissue layers removes unwanted anatomical structures above and below the region on interest.


Lt layers UI


 Large dog ready

The LT provides a large field of view, due to its 15" x 17" panel. Patient thickness above the table can be up to 35cm.


 Three exams in one machine

The LT provides three modalities in one machine: DR, linear tomosynthesis and fluoroscopy.
Pulsed fluoroscopy with adjustable frame rate is built-in function based on the large dynamic panel.


 Short scan time

Data acquisition takes only 4-5 seconds. In most cases, sedation of the patient is adequate and full anesthesia is not needed. Multi-layer reconstruction takes 1 minute to provide fast and accurate diagnostic images.


 Powerful software

Focus on various tissue layers within the patient body by simply scrolling using the mouse. LT software is DICOM compliant.

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Solution for Veterinary Interventional Radiology Examination (DR & real-time FLO)


 Total imaging solution for VET


AS LOW AS REASONABLY ACHIEVABLE. Pulsed FLO manage reduced dose for you and your pet (10ms/pulse)

10kW MONOBLOCK TYPE. 15kW inverter based system

THE WORLD'S FIRST 36x43 LARGE FOV. Detector allows dynamic perfomance

SPACE SAVING AT PRACTICE. Small footprint to fit your current clinic room



 Great image quality

PSA (PHOTODIODE SENSOR ARRAY). Optimized Digital X-ray image

WAVELET TRANSFORM. Latest image processing software offers real-time FLO



 User Friendly Design

4 WAY FLOATING TABLE. Enhance your workflow with smooth movement

23 INCH TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY. Touch UI makes you more ease work


  • Target: small & medium interventional practice
  • Larger FOV (14x17") than C-arm
  • 4 years warranty for detector
  • Space saving at practice
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic
  • Real-time image processing (8 FPS/fluoro)
DynaVUE photo
DynaVUE specification
Power RAD 10 kW (inverter 15 kW)
kVP 40 ~ 120 kV (1 kV step)
5 mA ~ 100 mA
0.5 mA ~ 8 mA
Exposure RAD
200 msec
10 min
X-ray Tube Focal spot
Target Angle
0.6 @ RAD
0.3 @ FLO
Monoblock Heat Capacity 150 kJ
Collimator Type
Initial Position
Max Position
Laser pointer
LED Lamp
Double slit, Manual
0x0 cm
36x36 cm
Class II
500 mA, PWM Control
Dimensions, mm 720±140(w)x1900±250(l)x2150(h)
Weight, kg 250
Input Voltage 220Vac 60Hz
Pixel Resolution 4096x5104 @ RAD (1x2 binning)
Pixel Pitch 98x128 µm @ RAD
Spatial resolution 4.5 lp/mm @ RAD
Frame/second 1 @ RAD
Pixel resolution 1228x1176 @ FLO (4x6 binning)
Pixel Pitch 450 µm @ FLO (4x6 binning)
Spatial resolution 1.1 lp/mm @ FLO (4x6 binning)
Frame/second 8 (high image quality); post-image processing
20 (high speed); original
Active Image size 360x432 mm
Bit depth 16 bit
PC (Workstation / Monitor)
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
CPU / Motherboard Intel i7 processor (8th generation)
Hard drive 1TB + SSD 125GB
Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Ethernet Gigabit Network card
Monitor 1920x1080 pixels in True color mode

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PhoeniXray general introduction photo
PhoeniXray specification
Generator Type Single-phase High-Frequency X-ray Generator with super-capacitors
Generator Max Output Power 50 kW (@kV100 & 500 mA & 100 ms)
Max Input Power ~1 kW
Tomosynthesis Angles ±20°
Scan Time, s 4-5
3D Reconstruction Time, m 1-2
Slices Spatial Resolution, μm 300
Slice Thickness, mm 1-8
Dual Detectors Solutions 43x43 cm PSA dynamic detector inside the table

43x43 cm PSA detector at the wall stand

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